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About inmoon

We are passionate of cryptocurrency
and blockchain technology.

We built a platform for
The crypto mining Industry

Our service makes mining accessible to everyone.

We believe in the future of cryptocurrencies and we love to be part of this growing community.

Our inmoon system is suitable for those who are new to the world of cryptocurrencies and looking for easy way to invest money.

Start Mining

How it works


We are the only Dogecoin Mining Company with no Minimum to Withdraw your earning.

Our withdraw system is automatically and instantly.

Referral Program

You can simple increase Your income and give Your friends opportunity to earn money.
Your friends don’t lose 10%, only You get 10%! We provide online statistics with data for all conversion in real time.

It’s super simply:

1. Sign up and log in

2. Copy your own referral link

3. Give it to your friends

4. Get 10% of their hash power

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