Spreading tens of millions of layout options, the brand “bookmaker” may take away 600 million of revenue by the end of this month

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Perhaps 99% of people didn’t expect that in January, until the eighth day, Bitcoin passed the two barriers of $30,000 and $40,000. From about $29,000 on January 1 to $40,300 in the early morning of January 8, Bitcoin surged more than $10,000 in a little over a week. The Bitcoin “atmosphere group” cried out in surprise, and all this may be just a game for the dealer.
On January 3, well-known trader Feizhai Bitcoin published a Weibo. He stated on Weibo that a dealer on Deribit bought a total of 20,000 yuan of call rights at the price of 32,000 and 36,000 US dollars. At the end of January, the exercise price exceeded the price of 36,000 for 100 dollars (note that every increase of 100 dollars) The bookmaker earned an extra 13 million yuan. If the exercise price comes to 40,000 dollars at the end of January, the big player will make more than 600 million yuan. However, the cost of the royalties he paid was about 10 million yuan.

At that time, Bitcoin had just experienced a surge and successfully broke through $32,000. However, in less than a week, Bitcoin hit $40,000. If the price of 40,000 US dollars is maintained until the end of the month, the big bookmaker can successfully achieve 60 times the profit. However, there are still three weeks before the exercise date, January 29, everything is possible, and I don’t know if the $40,000 came too early.
Investing more than 10 million yuan to buy options, the market turned up all the way suddenly, and some netizens couldn’t help but feel that it is really a bull market.
Looking at Deribit’s data, you may find that your imagination for the skyrocket is still too low. The same option was delivered on January 29. Some big shots bought more than 10,000 bitcoin call options at $52,000. Could it be the next goal, $50,000?

No one knows how much Bitcoin can get at the end of January. After the actual profit exceeded 100 million yuan, the fat house Bitcoin, who was hailed as the commander-in-chief of the multi-army, yelled “the big skyrocket is unimaginable” every day, and lost his imagination. On January 7, he said on Weibo: “At this stage, the fat boy has no imagination and does not know how to operate. He can only keep low-time long-term positions and super long-term positions to watch the show.”
Despite the epic market, the storm is high and the waves are high, investors must pay attention to risks.

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